How To Reduce Operational Costs by 36% with Predictive Analytics

Tony Cosentino of Ventana Research, a leading research and benchmarking firm, recently published these comments on the results of study into the benefits of using predictive analytics in their business operations.

“One of the key findings in our latest benchmark research into predictive analytics is that companies are incorporating predictive analytics into their operational systems more often than was the case three years ago.

This trend is not surprising since operationalizing predictive analytics – that is, building predictive analytics directly into business process workflows – improves companies’ ability to gain competitive advantage: those that deploy predictive analytics within business processes are more likely to say they gain competitive advantage and improve revenue through predictive analytics than those that don’t.

The challenge comes in knowing where and how to use predictive analytics in your business. We compiled this matrix to highlight specific use cases by industry where customers are seeing value in using predictive analytics baked into their Operational Intelligence and Business Process Management platforms.