New XMPro Agent Integration: DELL Streaming Data Platform – Context Provider and Listener

XMPro is constantly expanding our library of out-of-the-box integrations for enterprise applications, data platforms, machine learning tools, and operational systems. These pre-built integrations allow our customers to build composable digital twins that are not only scalable but highly customizable for their specific use cases.

We are excited to announce our latest integration, DELL SDP Context provider and Listener Agent.

DELL Streaming Data Platform Context Provider and Listener

The Dell Streaming Data Platform (SDP) is a platform for ingesting, storing, and analyzing continuously streaming data in real-time. By combining this streaming storage solution, with the convenience of out-of-the-box support, SDP delivers next-generation business insights from valuable streaming data with little effort.

This enterprise-ready platform gives organizations access to a single solution for all their data (whether streaming or not) that provides out-of-the-box functionality and support for high-speed data ingestion with an open-source and auto-scaling streaming storage solution.

The SDP Agents allow you to include data from an SDP stream into your Data Stream.

The Listener allows you to return new rows added to a stream. It operates on a timed interval and returns all new rows added to the stream since the last interval.

The Context Provider allows you to read and output the entire contents of a stream to the Data Stream for contextual data.