Pay-As-You-Grow with Flexible Subscription Pricing

XMPro offers software subscriptions and services packages designed to suit your unique situation. There are 3 main software components that are each licensed on an annual subscription model:

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App Designer

The XMPro App Designer is licensed on a per user per month model. The App Designer is both the design and run-time of end-user applications. A licensed user can build or use applications and workflows. The App Designer is licensed for desktop and mobile use.

Data Stream Designer

The XMPro Data Stream Designer is licensed on a per Data Stream per month model. A Data Stream is the visual representation of a streaming data pipeline. A Data Stream is composed through the sequencing of a collection of Connectors.

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Connector Library

XMPro’s extensible library includes 100+ Connectors for a broad range of popular enterprise, industrial and emerging technologies. Connectors are charged on an annual basis for the specific connectors in use in an XMPro Data Stream. Connectors are categorized and priced in different tiers.


XMPro provides managed and hosted solutions on both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. SaaS and dedicated hosting solution pricing available upon request.

Additional Licensing Options

Tailored Services Packages

Our goal is to empower your subject matter experts (SME’s) to build their own applications using the XMPro platform.

For each customer, we create a skills transfer plan where we reduce the level of collaboration with XMPro, until your subject matter experts and IT team are self-sufficient on the platform. Our expert team of consultants and engineers can also provide extra capacity when required.

You can choose the number of XMPro hours you need depending on your team’s current skill status and the complexity of your use case.

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