Product Update: GE Predix Connectors

We’ve added 3 new connectors for GE Predix to the XMPro Connector Library. Here’s a quick overview of how you can use them:

XMPro GE Predix Time Series ListenerGE Predix – Time Series Listener

The GE Predix – Time Series listener allows the user to read Time Series data from GE Predix using the REST APIs.

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XMPro GE Predix Asset Context ProviderGE Predix – Assets Context Provider

The GE Predix – Assets context provider provides context/static data using GET operations of REST APIs provided by GE Predix – Asset Service.

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XMPro GE Predix Action AgentGE Predix Action Agent

The GE Predix action agent allows the user to perform REST operations of Assets and Time Series Services provided by GE Predix system.

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