XMPro Partners with the Bentley iTwin Platform to Enable No-Code Infrastructure Digital Twins

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XMPro, a leading no-code application development platform provider, today announced its participation in the Bentley iTwin Partner Program, a community of organizations that share Bentley’s vision of creating an open ecosystem for infrastructure digital twins for the built world and the natural environment based on the Bentley iTwin platform.

With XMPro and the Bentley iTwin platform, industrial organizations can get better real-time visibility into their assets and operations, whether it is visualizing the process in a refinery, monitoring pumps in a water treatment plant or enabling a plant manager to virtually walk their factory production line.

“Digital twins with interactive 3D visualizations are becoming increasingly important for organizations in asset-intensive industries. We’ve partnered with Bentley to give engineers the ability to interact with embedded 3D models in their XMPro apps and use real-time data to indicate where they need to direct their attention,” commented Pieter van Schalkwyk, CEO of XMPro.

“We are very pleased to have XMPro join the Bentley iTwin Partner Program,” said Sheena Gaynes, Director, Business Development, iTwin Platform, at Bentley Systems. “XMPro joins a growing ecosystem of software developers building exciting solutions with the Bentley iTwin platform. The integration of the Bentley iTwin platform’s 3D visualization capabilities within the XMPro platform is a great example of how digital twin technology can be combined to enable asset-intensive industries to increase operational excellence.”

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