XMPro Unveils Enhancements in the 4.3 Release: Cloud-to-Edge Continuum and AI & Engineering Excellence

07 August, 2023 Dallas, TX

XMPro, a leading provider of Intelligent Digital Twins, today announced the release of XMPro 4.3, focused on delivering faster time to value, distributed intelligence, and secure deployments. The latest version of XMPro showcases the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation, driving excellence in artificial intelligence, and elevating engineering practices.

Focusing on two key pillars – the Cloud-to-Edge Continuum and AI & Engineering Excellence – XMPro 4.3 introduces ground-breaking features that set a new standard for cloud-agnostic platforms and AI integration.

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Cloud-to-Edge Continuum : Unleashing the Full Potential of Cloud Agnosticism

In a pursuit to be fully cloud agnostic, XMPro has invested efforts in enhancing performance, scalability, and monitoring capabilities. With the introduction of Auto Scale, a distributed caching feature, XMPro enables the operation of distributed infrastructure essential for HDT (High-Density cloud computing).

The revamped caching system leverages Redis, a flexible technology that utilizes distributed storage with multiple smaller cache entries, employing master and backup nodes. The outcome is an improved caching approach that significantly enhances performance and reliability, particularly for large-scale production implementations.

Another critical addition to the Cloud-to-Edge Continuum is the integration of industry standard Health Check Endpoints. These endpoints allow easy identification of problems without the need for extensive technical knowledge or login credentials. By providing a snapshot of the application’s health and system status, administrators can monitor and enhance application stability and performance seamlessly.

XMPro 4.3 introduces Logging Provider Support , incorporating the implementation of Serilog, a diagnostic logging library for .NET applications. This allows administrators to capture log events with structured data, offering invaluable insights into XMPro’s behavior and performance. With support for multiple logging outputs, this feature further enhances cloud-based application monitoring and analytics services.

Additionally, we’ve changed the way our database installs and upgrades are applied. For new installs, our products will automatically install the required database changes. For upgrades, our products will detect what database changes are needed and make these. We are moving away from doing database installs and upgrades from the desktop installer, with all database installs and upgrades happening automatically from within the products.

Accelerate time to value by choosing to automatically deploy the regular, smaller releases to your pre-prod environment, rather than less frequent, larger upgrades.

AI and Engineering Excellence : Empowering the Intelligent Digital Twin Platform

XMPro continues to blaze a trail in the realm of AI integration with the introduction of XMPro Notebook. This powerful feature, embedded within the XMPro Digital Twin Platform, facilitates data analysis, scientific computing, and machine learning, empowering users to experiment and explore real-time data effortlessly.

Existing customers and Freemium users can now access and evaluate XMPro Notebook on new XMPro Freemium accounts. For more information about XMPro AI and XMPro’s Intelligent Digital Twin Suite, visit XMPro.com.

With XMPro 4.3, the performance of the Time Series Chart Block in Application Designer has undergone significant enhancements. The introduction of the new TSC SQL Server Connector reduces response time and size, providing quicker data retrieval for longer periods. Stay tuned for future releases, as ADX and Historian connectors are on the horizon.

“We are excited to unveil XMPro 4.3, a pivotal step in our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions and pushing the boundaries of AI and engineering excellence,” said Pieter Van Schalkwyk, CEO at XMPro. “With the Cloud-to-Edge Continuum and AI-infused Digital Twin Platform, our customers can unlock new possibilities for their businesses.”

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Pieter Van Schalkwyk

Availability : XMPro 4.3 is now available for all existing and new customers. To learn more about the features and enhancements in this release, visit our Documentation site.

For more information, register for our upcoming webinar on this latest release.

About XMPro :  XMPro is a leading Intelligent Digital Twin Suite provider focused on helping industrial companies integrate IoT technology with business workflows to enhance their operational capabilities. XMPro’s digital twin suite makes it easy to integrate OT & IT systems, get real-time visibility into operations and respond faster to critical events. Founded in 2009, XMPro has a proven track record of helping customers accelerate their digital transformation and generate 10x faster ROI on IoT innovation. www.xmpro.com.