XMPRO’s Event Intelligence Platform Now Supports Real-Time Interactive 3D Digital Twins Built On Unity Game Engine

3D Digital Twin VisualizationDallas, TX, May 28, 2020 – XMPRO, a leading provider of Event Intelligence, announced today the release of Interactive 3D Visualizations in digital twin applications, built on the Unity game engine.

This is the latest addition to XMPRO’s Event Intelligence platform capabilities, which allows engineers and subject matter experts to build complex real-time applications without having to code. Industrial organizations can now enhance their digital twins and remote condition monitoring applications by embedding highly realistic 3D unity models that use data from sensors, business systems and analytical models to show what is happening in real-time.

“Interactive 3D visualizations are becoming increasingly important for organizations in industries like mining and oil and gas, where many reliability and operational engineers have been forced to work remotely due to COVID-19 restrictions. They are also critical for monitoring areas that might be difficult or too dangerous to access, like the inside of a blast furnace, which can have a temperature of up to 2300°F,” comments Pieter van Schalkwyk, XMPRO CEO.

The XMPRO Data Stream Designer’s growing library of connectors now includes a Unity action agent that allows users to continuously send real-time data to a 3D Unity model. This 3D model can then be embedded in real-time applications using XMPRO’s drag and drop App Designer. When changes occur in the data, the model will also change, like making a pump appear red when its temperature goes above a certain threshold.

“We built the Interactive 3D Visualization capability to give industrial organizations better real-time visibility into their assets and operations, whether it’s visualizing the process in a refinery, monitoring pumps in a water treatment plant or enabling a plant manager to virtually walk their factory production line,” continues van Schalkwyk.

The Interactive 3D Visualization capability can also be used to build simulation digital twins in XMPRO. This allows users to input data to simulate specific conditions and get instant feedback from the changes to the 3D model. More information about XMPRO’s Interactive 3D Visualizations is available at https://www.xmprodev.com/interactive-3d-models/

XMPRO is the leading provider of Event Intelligence for asset-intensive industries. The XMPRO Event Intelligence Platform enables engineers and subject matter experts to build real-time applications that improve situational awareness, decision-making and process efficiency. The company is headquartered out of Dallas, Texas and has regional offices in Europe, Africa, and Asia Pacific.

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