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XMPro iDTS provides a suite of powerful Intelligent Digital Twin apps that empower quick and scalable solution deployment for industrial operations.

XMPro redefines the future of industrial operations with our AI-driven automation platform. Seamlessly integrate advanced AI with real-time data, enhance every aspect of your operations, from optimization to quality management. Experience efficiency and effectiveness like never before with XMPro, your partner towards operational excellence.


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How Can XMPro iDTS Help Your Business?


Digital business processes for improving process and asset performance, safety, supply chain performance, and ESG while reducing costs.


Digital Business Growth

Leverage Industrie 4.0 principles to create new digital revenue streams from your products and services as an OEM, machine builder, or manufacturer.


Integration and orchestration

Is the integration and orchestration of data and intelligence (AI) consuming most of your operational Digital Twin project budget?


Common Operating Picture

Operate Your Plant at Full Potential. Guided by Recommendations, Powered by AI, Focussed on Outcomes, Delivered in Real-Time.


Build Intelligent Digital Twins With XMPro

A Common Operating Picture Across The Value Chain

XMPro Intelligent Digital Twin Suite (iDTS)

The Bridge Between Reactive and Predictive Operations.

Data Stream Designer

Real-Time Data Orchestration & Transformation Featuring Over 150 Integrations and Transformation Agents.


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Recommendation Manager

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App Designer

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Explore The Platform

Wield Your Data Powerfully In Real-time with XMPro Data Stream Designer:

  • Integrate data from all of your IoT devices, operational systems, and a myriad of external sources using our extensive integration library.
  • Sanitize, wrangle and extract meaning from your data using our powerful action agent library.
  • Perform advanced data transformation in real-time.
  • Embed AI-models and machine learning capability within real-time dataflow.
  • Easily design and visualise your data flow from origin to action using  intuitive drag and drop functionality.
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AI-driven Insights with XMPro AI:

  • Seamlessly integrate AI models that not only help to prevent equipment failure, but self-learn for continuous improvement.
  • Transform AI Models into powerful assets that drive business growth and efficiency through goal-seeking behaviour.
  • Leverage XMPro’s AI capabilities to enhance decision support and automation using large language models securely trained on your business data.
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Comprehensive Visualizations with App Designer:

  • Interactive dashboards provide a holistic view of operations.
  • Customize your app designs with a user-friendly drag & drop system.
  • Share visual reports with stakeholders for informed decision-making.
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Prescriptive Recommendations:

  • Receive actionable insights based on a combination of business rules and AI logic.
  • Ensure users receive the most appropriate next steps when a specific event occurs.
  • Monitor actions against their outcomes for continuous improvement.
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Case Studies


Challenge: In order to maximize underground mining operations, the underground conveyor system, a frequent cause of unplanned downtime, needed to reduce its downtime by 30% as an initial target for a predictive maintenance solution

Solution: XMPro actively monitors 52 conveyors (spanning over 80+km) in real time, predicting fluid coupling and lagging failures with prescriptive recommendations.

Benefits: Within five months, the solution identified a potential saving of 184 hours of borer downtime, equating to 44k product tonnes. Exceeding the target, the solution achieved over a 80% reduction in downtime for fluid coupling failures. It now monitors multiple asset types across several mines


Challenge: Engineers are overwhelmed with unscored asset events from IoT telemetry, tribology tests, and OEM alarms, making it arduous to timely track, triage, and respond to critical events to avert equipment downtime across a large mobile asset fleet

Solution: XMPro scores each event in real-time using Company’s proprietary triage scoring models. Engineers manage exceptions and address root causes

Benefits: The implementation led to a 95% reduction in events requiring manual scoring before triage, and a 4X improvement in the Engineer-to-Asset ratio against industry standards. Consequently, reliability engineers can prioritize providing solutions to root causes.

OEM Machine Builder

Challenge: A multinational OEM and machine builder needed a digital solution to offer equipment monitoring and predictive maintenance services worldwide, utilizing subject matter experts in Remote Operations Centers as part of a servitization model

Solution: XMPro provided a Digital Twin-oriented Remote Operation Center platform, enabling OEM engineers to monitor and service global clients in real time.

Benefits: XMPro’s iDTS provides a unified platform for OEM engineers and clients to collaboratively view and discuss specific asset and process events with potential operational impacts. This enables OEM engineers to offer remote, comprehensive support to their global clientele.

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Twins

We’ve published a 3000-word guide to help you understand exactly what a digital twin is and how you can use it to manage your operations in real-time.

In the guide, you’ll learn:

  • The different types of digital twins
  • How to use AI & machine learning with digital twins
  • Blockchain & digital twins
  • How to design digital twin applications
Digital twin guide